Although your wedding ring may seem like a priority, it’s important to keep in mind what your husband might want for his. You’ll want to wow him at the altar with a band that shows you put both effort and thought into this symbol of your union. There are endless options, and it may be hard to choose, but here is a guide to navigate what might suit him best.

Hammered Milgrain in Platinum
Brushed and Polished in Grey Tungsten Carbide
Matte Finish in Tatalum
Handcrafted Twist in Platinum
Brushed Inlay in 14k White and Rose Gold
Single Diamond in Platinum
Classic 18k Yellow Gold
Classic Platinum
Matte Beveled Edge in Platinum and 18k Yellow Gold
Satin Finished Blackened Cobalt
Brushed Inlay in 14k Yellow Gold
Milgrain Inlay in Polished Platinum
Matte Platinum


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