Photography by Two & Quarter

On Saturday, July 22, 2017, Dani Raynor and Travis Usher married in an outdoor morning ceremony overlooking the Great Sound and celebrated with a brunch reception at the Fairmont Southampton. Because they share a love of summer and bright hues, Dani and Travis decided on a bold, tropical floral theme to bring their vision of the perfect day to life. And it was an easy choice! “When we knew we were having a summer wedding, there wasn’t any other theme we thought about,” says the bride. “As soon as the colours were picked for the groomsmen and bridesmaids, the choice to have a tropical theme solidified itself.”

To create a tropical, natural style featuring elements of the ocean, Dani paired the sky blue bridesmaids’ dresses and groomsmen’s accessories with vibrant orange blooms. The bridesmaids carried mango-coloured Calla Lilies, while the wedding arch and tables were decorated with Glorisa, Cherry Brandy Roses, Protea, Anthurium, Mokara Orchids and other colourful flowers. Dani herself carried a bouquet of large, pure white Calla Lilies.

Although Calla Lilies are priced fairly highly, Dani and Travis complemented them with locally sourced greenery, which was not only cost effective, but also the perfect way to incorporate Bermudian elements into the floral style.

The achievement of this stunning, vibrant look was a result of the efforts of both DEMCO Florist and the couple working together to find something that would give an awe factor. “Collectively, we wanted to make sure that the colours and style made an impact on the guests,” said Dani.

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