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One rainy evening in August 2014, Amy Allison was returning home from work. Through the relentless drizzle, she dashed up the stairs to the front door of the home she shared with boyfriend Michael Jubb to find him inside on bended knee with a ring and a very important question. The couple, who met in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, through mutual friends, had been together since 2011. Their first date was at a hockey game on New Year’s Eve—a classic Canadian first date that set the tone for a beautiful love story.

“It was an extra-special first date,” says Amy. “Ringing in the New Year together, even though we had only just met, was good luck and a great start to our relationship.”

A year into the couple’s relationship, Amy invited Michael to Bermuda to meet her family and experience where she grew up. It was a milestone for the pair, who quickly realised that each was “the one.”

“I remember how perfectly he clicked with my whole family. It just felt right,” says Amy.

“If there was a definitive moment for me, it was the first time I was in Bermuda,” adds Michael. “It was then that I realised that I could easily spend every day with Amy. Her family welcomed me with open arms, as if they had known me for years.”

A year and a half later, in the home they shared, Michael was asking Amy to be his wife. “I wanted to propose for Amy’s birthday when her family was in town to visit, but the ring I had designed wasn’t ready yet,” says Michael. “When I was able to pick it up a few days later I had to propose right away because I didn’t feel as though I could wait any longer.”

So there they were, he on bended knee and she having just come in out of the rain.

“I was so shocked that I didn’t let him say more than a few words,” says Amy.

But her answer, of course, was a definitive “Yes!”

When the couple began planning their nuptials, Amy drew inspiration from her favourite dress designer Inbal Dror. “I’ve been in love with her designs for years. As soon as we got engaged, I knew I wanted a dress made by her and I feel like the inspiration for décor and flowers came from the romantic feel of my dress.”

Amy and Michael were married on May 29, 2015, in a romantic ceremony at the historic Unfinished Church in St. George’s. Despite uncooperative weather, the couple was able to say “I do” at the outdoor venue, surrounded by family and friends and a string trio.


The ceremony was a family affair, with Amy’s Aunt Hilary doing her hair, her cousin and maid of honour, Jordan, doing her make-up, and her uncle Gordon serving as one of the officiates. Michael’s niece and nephew served as ring bearer and flower girl respectively, leading the way for Amy to walk down the aisle with both of her parents. “That meant a lot to me,” says Amy. “We were surrounded by family, celebrating our love together.”

Following the ceremony was more unsettled weather. With the winds howling and intermittent showers, the couple’s wedding planner, Kathleen Dodwell of Bermuda Event Solutions, was tasked with finding an alternative to the original reception venue, since the home of Amy’s aunt and uncle was an unsuitable outdoor location as the winds were too severe to set up.

“We were upset at first,” the couple admits. “So much time and effort had gone into planning the reception and it is such a meaningful spot, but keeping the big picture in mind, we moved ahead with changing the location to Fourways Inn. We were blown away with how flexible and accommodating our vendors were; they worked together so well. Fourways is such an historic building, we know how lucky we were to have been able to move at such short notice.”

Despite their weather challenges, Amy and Michael insist that they wouldn’t change a thing. “Don’t worry about the weather! Rain or shine (or wind), Bermuda is the perfect place to get married.”


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