gold cake

Illustrations by Dana Cooper.

What is the tradition behind the silver- and gold-leaf wedding cakes?

The gold-leaf cake is 22 carat edible gold and is the groom’s cake. The cake itself is lemon pound cake. The gold represents wealth in the married couple’s future.

The silver-leaf cake is the bride’s cake which is covered in edible silver leaf. Silver represents purity. The cake itself is Bermuda fruitcake which signifies fertility. On top of the groom’s and bride’s cakes tradition places a miniature Bermuda cedar tree in a baby cup or small silver vase. The cedar tree again is the symbol of fertility in the marriage, and when the trees are planted on the couple’s property their growth parallels the growth and strength in the married relationship.


silver cake


What is the significance of cutting the cake?

Sharing the first bite out of the cake with each other while their arms are intertwined symbolises the creation of a bond of love and happiness for the newly married couple. The top tier of the bride’s cake is traditionally saved for the couple’s first wedding anniversary or to commemorate the christening or blessing of their first-born child.


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