A bride should decide on a beauty regimen and have it booked several months before her big day, especially if she’s indulging in a head-to-toe programme of beauty treatments. Deciding which treatments to undertake and making the necessary appointments can be a daunting task for any bride, but the team of beauty therapists at Face and Body Retreat, located on the fourth floor of the Bermudiana Arcade in Hamilton, make it simple and enjoyable for all brides-to-be.
One Week Until the Wedding: Remove unwanted body hair. Waxing is the ideal method of hair removal for your wedding day as it’s inexpensive and effective. One week prior to your wedding day is the best time to wax as it allows enough time for your skin to relax from the pulling but doesn’t give enough time for the hair to grow back. (Full Leg and Bikini, $63; Underarm, $25; Eyebrow, Lip and Chin, $47)
One to Two Days Before: Fake Bake. The safest way to achieve the sun-kissed glow you desire without risking unsightly tan lines and skin damage. Face and Body Retreat carry the Quick Tan range of self-tanners containing DHA which reacts with the natural amino acids in the skin, creating a flawless, gorgeous glow.
Day Before: Manicures and Pedicures. The day before the wedding should be spent taking care of final touches, including manicures and pedicures. Face and Body Retreat allows bridal parties to close down the salon for their own private party; so gather your girls, sip champagne and get pampered together before the nuptials. (Shellac Manicure, $54; Pedicure, $70)

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