Since 1978, Strands Skin Spa and Hair Salon has perfected the wedding looks of Bermuda’s brides. For 37 years, brides-to-be have had their tresses tamed, their skin smoothed and their nails manicured in preparation for their impending nuptials and all in the process becoming Strands’ brides. The hair salon and full service city day spa, the only Clarins designated spa on-island, has long been a revered and reputable source for wedding day beauty, their success stemming from their perfunctory merger of exceptional customer service, highly trained staff and the world’s finest products.

Brides can either have their hair done at Strands on the day of their wedding or stylists can travel from the salon to any location on-island. Strands Hair Salon presently consist of six stylists, all of whom can create wedding day hair, however, three of the in-house stylists trained in wedding day hair: Gemma Howe, Jette Roberts and Shapri Joell, all of which have years of experience in creating flawless bridal hair.

Strands Skin Spa’s beauty therapists, like their stylist counterparts, are available for wedding day make-up application for brides and bridesmaids both on-site as well as on location.

Strands beauty consultant and skin specialist is Tracy Semple, who has 15 years’ experience is also available for skin care consultations, as well as make-up application on-site.


Tracy Semple’s Tips for Perfect Bridal Skin

  1. Brides should complete a course of six facials prior to their wedding day.
  2. Brides should not consume too much alcohol, sugar, salt or carbohydrate in the days leading up to their wedding.
  3. Brides should try to get at least seven or eight hours of sleep each night in the week prior to their wedding day.


Strands Skin Spa and Hair Salon, 31 Reid Street, Hamilton, (441) 295-0935 for hair salon, (441) 295-0353 for skin spa,,

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