The biggest mistakes, mishaps and hilarious moments from real Bermuda weddings 


“For my wedding, I wore the same veil that my mother had worn when she married my father over thirty years before. At one point, just after the ceremony, while we were having our photos taken outside the reception venue, the veil blew off my head and headed straight towards the ocean. I had never seen my sister run as fast as she did that day. She safely retrieved the veil, just in the nick of time.”


Chuppah Overboard!

“Five minutes before I arrived at the location of our wedding, the chuppah fell overboard. When I saw it, though, I focused on how beautiful it looked to me, never once noticing that my wedding coordinator’s dress was wet or that there was a split in the bamboo from which the chuppah had been made.”


Love Bites

“I was bitten by a spider at our rehearsal dinner the night before our wedding. I experienced a little discomfort throughout our wedding day, but it wasn’t until 1:00 a.m. that standing became difficult. The extent of my injury was revealed the next morning when the doctor told me that travel was not advisable. This did not bode well for our planned honeymoon! I spent the first day of my honeymoon away from my new husband on IV antibiotics in the hospital and I missed the newlyweds’ party being thrown for us at my parents’ house.”


Unexpected Guest

“When we arrived in Bermuda for our destination wedding, we learned that Hurricane Gonzalo was scheduled to hit the island the day before our wedding. Unfortunately, about half of our guests were unable to join us because of the weather, but our wedding day was absolutely perfect, all due to the efforts of the locals who made our wedding happen!”


The Vanishing Wedding Dress

“The day before my wedding, my mother-in-law took my dress to the front desk of our hotel to be steamed. The concierge told her that the dress would be ready for pickup at 3:00 p.m. At 5:00 p.m., when the dress had not been returned, we started to panic. I called the front desk clerk, who told me they didn’t have a dress or any evidence of a dress ever having been left with them. Finally, at 7:00 p.m., there was a knock on my door. It was the dry cleaner with my dress! He had been to four different hotel rooms looking for the rightful owner of the dress.”


Swizzle In, Stagger Out

“On the day of our wedding, my sister, the matron of honour, had indulged in one too many of the local rum swizzles and found herself dancing through the waterfalls surrounding the hotel pool, the venue for our reception. On one side of the pool, it is shallow enough to wade through. My sister wrongfully assumed that the entire pool was the same depth. It was hilarious to hear her yelp as she emerged from the five-foot deep end, soaked from head to toe.”


Mom to the Rescue

“We had everything ready for the big day. The dress has been steamed and pressed, the accessories and shoes were in their right places and hair and makeup was underway. Then we realised we had forgotten one rather important item: the veil! My mom had to book an appointment with a local wedding shop to buy a last-minute replacement. It wasn’t the one I had intended to wear to compliment my dress, but thankfully no one noticed.”


Quick Nips

“While waiting with my wedding party to walk down the aisle, a groomsman pulled a flask from his pocket and passed it down the line. As my friends took a quick sip, I panicked, thinking, “Should I or shouldn’t I?” The flask got to me and I said, “What the heck?” and took a big sip! Walking down the aisle, I could still feel the burn and I’m sure my face showed it.”


Larger than Life

“In planning our wedding, I had requested that the wedding cars pick up the wedding party outside our cottage, but instead, on the appointed day, the hotel sent their van. I attempted to climb in, but either my dress was too tight or the dress was so heavy gravity kept me close to the ground. Eventually, a golf cart arrived to chauffeur me separately. I got in as best I could, with half my dress in hand to avoid its dragging on the ground and the other half covering the driver as he leaned out the side of the vehicle to allow room for me and the dress.”



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