“We had planned a boat cruise for our guests on the night before the wedding. An hour before the boat was to leave the dock, the sky opened up and it began to rain. We had 90 guests, and only 45 fit under the boat’s awning. Given the time and effort we had spent planning everything, we were reluctant to cancel the boat cruise. We decided to press on and face the rain. When we told everyone that we had plenty of traditional Bermudian food, Dark ‘n’ Stormies and rum swizzles on board, our guests were happy to shuttle down to the boat through the rain and cram under the boat’s awning. Within 20 minutes the rain stopped, and our guests were able to enjoy the scenery and a beautiful sunset.”

“My father was so nervous to walk me down the aisle that halfway down the aisle he tripped and almost caused both my mother and me to fall over!  It was very embarrassing, but luckily we managed to recover. It even resulted in a gasp from all of the guests.”

“Even though we provided a list of song suggestions to the DJ well in advance of our wedding reception, he decided to go his own way and play whatever he wanted. Our friends decided that something had to be done, so they got behind the DJ booth and started picking out songs to play.  They put on the DJ’s headset, and the DJ equipment became our own personal jukebox.  The DJ was a great sport about it and we have some awesome pictures of it all!”

“To keep the wedding dress wrinkle-free, we followed all the advice from the bridal salon. The dress was double-bagged, carefully carried, and then hung up in the first-class cabin thanks to some helpful airline staff. Nevertheless, the dress was quite wrinkled by the time we arrived in Bermuda. We took it to the cleaners and were told to pick it up on the day of the wedding. When a bridesmaid went to collect it, however, she was told they did not have the wedding dress. Thank goodness the dress was found after much anxiety, and the bride did not find out about the almost-disaster until after the wedding.”

“We were in Bermuda for 10 days and the only day when there was even a drop of rain was our wedding day.  Every detail of our wedding was planned for outside.  We even rented a boat to take our 100 guests to the wedding ceremony—which was outside!  Our ceremony, reception and all had to be moved inside.  Despite the rain we still managed to have the most amazing time.  And we have some of the most amazing sunset pictures ever!”

“After the make-up artist and hairdresser put their finishing touches on the bridesmaids, we were picked up in a traditional Bermuda horse-drawn carriage for the short ride to the location where the wedding ceremony and reception were taking place. As we entered the property via the back entrance there were low-hanging branches which we couldn’t get by, so my uncle had to run down with a machete and cut them back to allow the carriage to get up to the house so the ceremony could begin.”

“The best man swore up a storm throughout his speech!”

“The humidity was so high on the day of our wedding that our cake began to melt. In addition to the sweating cake, the groomsmen were on the dance floor shirtless by the end of the night!”

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