Ally & Jevon Roberts

Allison (Ally) Bolton never guessed she would meet her future husband, Jevon Roberts, when the two participated in the XL Tennis Tournament in the ball kids program some fifteen years ago. Even though they were only kids at the time they met, Ally didn’t easily forget her one-time tennis friend. Then, one fateful day, Ally couldn’t help but say hello to Jevon when she bumped into him at the front door of the Fairmont Southampton. Jevon had a hard time recognizing Ally at first, but then he couldn’t deny her beauty and intrigue and almost immediately asked her out on a date.

Even through the two were still considered young after a few years of dating, Jevon had no doubt that Ally was the one whom he wished to spend the rest of his life with. So how did he propose? “Jevon and I had both arrived in Miami on February 18 on two separate flights. Jevon picked me up from the airport and drove me to the Fairmont Turnberry Isle where he had already checked in. Upon going upstairs, Jevon was complaining that the room didn’t have a nice view, but I wasn’t sure what the big deal was – we’d only be spending one night in the room. But upon arriving to the room, I noticed rose petals on the floor and looked back at Jevon and smiled.” It wasn’t until Ally went to put her luggage down that she noticed the rose petals on the bed spelled out: Marry Me? “I quickly turned around to Jevon who was already down on one knee with the most beautiful ring in his hand. He proceeded to make a little speech and then asked me the big question: ‘Will you marry me?’ Tears were forming in my eyes and I said, ‘Yes, of course!’”

When it came time for Ally and Jevon to choose the locations for their ceremony and reception, the couple had little trouble. They knew they would say, “I do!” at Ally’s family church, St. Mary’s Church, where she was baptized and confirmed. Due to the size of the guest list, Ally and Jevon decided that the Fairmont would be the perfect location to comfortably accommodate their 200 guests. In the end, they chose an indoor reception at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess – although the pair had worked at its sister hotel the Fairmont Southampton, the Hamilton location was a little less familiar to them, thus the perfect location to create their first memories as husband and wife.

On their big day, the happy couple welcomed friends and family from the Bahamas, Barbados, Ghana, USA, Canada, England, New Zealand, Australia and Mexico. In addition to those in attendance, Ally and Jevon honoured their deceased loved ones with a moment of silence during the ceremony and by including their names in the program. Ally also pinned her great-grandmother’s brooch to her bouquet as a way to remember and honour her on her special day.

Amidst all the wedding celebrations, the laughter, the cheer and the love, Ally and Jevon agree that taking in the day as a whole is most important. “Try to do something relaxing before the festivities start,” says Jevon. “Give yourself a chance to enjoy all the proceedings,” Ally continues. “Enjoy the day together – and, never leave each other’s side!”

Photography by Zeudi Hinds

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