Imagine meeting someone and knowing, almost immediately, this was the one. Such was the case for Danielle O’Hara and Robert Rasamny, who were introduced by mutual friends in September 2012. Rob’s brother, J. K., was married to one of Dani’s friends, and the two agreed that Dani and Rob would have a lot in common—not to mention both would soon be living in New York City. One fateful and long-awaited night, the two finally crossed paths at a party hosted by Rob’s sister, Linley. The verdict? “We immediately hit it off,” attests Dani. “We shared this simple, magical connection from the moment we met.”

For their first date, Rob asked Dani out to dinner at Aria Wine Bar in the West Village, unbeknownst to him, just one block from Dani’s apartment. Their connection was undeniable as they enjoyed several glasses of wine and shared appetizers. When Rob unknowingly ate more than his share of oysters from the dozen they decided to split, he gasped in embarrassment and promptly summoned the waiter to deliver a further dozen. Dani was smitten with his kindness and generosity: “This solidified my first impression of him that he was a true gentleman.”

Several weeks later, it was clear that this relationship, still so new, was nothing short of forever. “I had a pretty good idea that Dani was the one the night I went to her apartment to watch a San Francisco 49ers play-off game,” says Rob.

“He suggested that we visit a museum together that day, but instead I invited him over to watch the game with me,” explains Dani. “He jumped at the opportunity and we had an amazing time watching the game together.”

Another turning point in the couple’s relationship came during a ski trip with Dani’s friends to Stratton, Vermont. “The weather was horrible,” recalls Dani. “It was minus 20 degrees Celsius with hurricane force winds. All of our friends were huddled indoors, but Rob and I were determined to ski. We trekked to the top of the mountain and pushed ourselves down the hardest slopes. We shared a million laughs despite the intense conditions. That’s when I knew I could have fun with him, despite hardship, for the rest of my life.”

Several months later the couple was visiting Dani’s family in Bermuda for her brother, Cullen’s 30th birthday. For weeks, Rob knew that he would propose to Dani while in Bermuda; he wanted to give her family the chance to be a part of the engagement celebrations. After asking permission from both Dani’s father, Brian, and her mother, Nancy, Rob dropped to one knee on the oceanfront terrace of the O’Hara family home and asked Dani to marry him—and she said, “Yes.” Ecstatic at the engagement news, the O’Haras descended from their respective hiding places, each with champagne in hand and the pouring, toasting, hugging and celebrating began.

When it came to planning their wedding, Dani took the lead. “I always envisioned getting married at St. Theresa’s Cathedral. I went to school across the street at Mount St. Agnes, and received my first communion and confirmation at the church. Likewise, when we moved to our current home By-the-Sea, I was thirteen and I’d grown up hoping that our house would one day be the venue for my wedding reception.” Fortunately, Brian was supportive of Dani’s wishes. “He was a perfect partner and fiancé throughout the entire process,” says Dani. “He wasn’t involved in too much of the planning but he was always on hand to lend an opinion and help make decisions.”

The couple selected their vendors early on. “The beauty of being Bermudian is that we already knew so many of the experts,” explains Dani. “I immediately turned to Nikki Begg (Bermuda Bride). I knew she could put together the perfect wedding day. Our band, the Kennel Boys was also an easy choice; they’ve been playing at O’Hara parties for some time now. Suzan Sickling, for flowers, and Amanda Temple, our photographer, are both family friends and came highly recommended. After only a short time we had our dream team of vendors who felt like family from the start.”

Dani and Rob tied the knot on July 12, 2014, in front of 220 family members and friends at St. Theresa’s Cathedral in Hamilton, Bermuda. With bridesmaids dressed in navy and groomsmen wearing iconic gold Bermuda shorts, Dani and Rob became husband and wife.

“It was incredibly memorable and emotional,” recalls Rob. “The highlight was watching Dani walk down the aisle with her father. She couldn’t have looked more gorgeous.” As for Dani, she felt the emotion too. “I loved holding onto Rob’s hands tightly during the prayers and as we said our vows. It was so incredible to look out at the full church and see the familiar, loving faces there to witness our marriage.”

After the “I do’s,” the couple, along with Rob’s best man and Dani’s matron of honour, set off for the reception in a traditional Bermuda horse and buggy.

By the time the couple and their guests arrived at the reception, the O’Hara family home, By-the-Sea, had been transformed into a wedding wonderland fit to honour the young couple. A grand white tent had been constructed amongst the palm trees in the backyard, its inside draped in fabric and twinkling lights. Paper lanterns hung from the ceiling and round tables were adorned with arrangements of white roses, small daisies and a variety of delicate ferns. Guests dined buffet-style on seafood dishes, pastas, rack of lamb and various Lebanese dishes (a nod to Rob’s Lebanese heritage) including stuffed grape leaves, couscous and falafel. For dessert, Dani, a self-proclaimed chocoholic, was over-the-moon with a dessert bar outfitted with chocolate mousse, chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies, chocolate fudge brownies, baklava and of course, wedding cake, which was baked and decorated by Sweet P.

When the feasting was done, the Kennel Boys took to the stage, with the O’Haras and Rasamnys joining them throughout the evening.

After the sunset, Dani and Rob watched the moon rise over the horizon and light up the sky. That moon, as fate would have it, was the “super moon,” bigger and brighter than normal and the perfect compliment to their first evening as man and wife.

Photography by Amanda Temple and Alex Masters

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