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On April 30, 2016, Sacha Kessaram and Ross Mancell were married in a beautiful Bermuda wedding, with 200 of their closest friends and family in attendance. The couple hosted an outstanding “Garden Chic”-themed reception that impressed us just as much as it did the wedding guests! Featuring natural greenery, cream-coloured flowers and sophisticated metallic accents, the scene of the celebration was stunning. The festivites were brought together by fantastic live music and a Barcelona-themed menu that left all the guests
delighted. In this interview, the bride, Sacha, reveals her inspiration for the couple’s beautiful reception.


Wedding Planning Kathleen Dodwell of Bermuda
Event Solutions
Reception Location Private home in Hidden Cove
Cakemaker Serge Botelli
Caterer Serge Botelli
Flowers Michelle at Flowers by GiMi
Entertainment Working Title
Rentals Flowers by GiMi
Favours Sally Godet

What kind of food did you serve at your reception?

We got engaged in Barcelona, so we tried to keep a recurring theme throughout the wedding. The tables were named after areas of Barcelona that we had visited, and the food was “Barcelona themed.” We had a gorgeous buffet which featured a steam ship of beef, antipasto platters, various salads, and two huge skillets of paella. Everyone always tells me they never had time to eat at their own wedding—I made the time and it was so worth it! Chef Serge Botelli made my food dreams come true.

What was your favourite part of the menu?

The paella made it notably Barcelona-themed, which made it quite memorable. I was also a huge fan of the cake!

Did you have a signature cocktail?

Yes, it didn’t have a signature name, but it was modeled off my favourite drink in Barcelona—
cava sangria. And it was perfect!

What kind of cake did you have?

It was strawberry short cake! Three layers of it, except for the top which was fruit cake. We froze that and will either bring it out on our first anniversary or at the christening of our first born.

How did you choose your table setting style and colour?

I had a vision, and our wedding planners helped it come together. They knew pretty
much exactly what I wanted.

What was your favourite detail or element of your reception?

I don’t think I have a favourite detail…I just felt it was perfect. I kept telling myself in the days and weeks leading up to it that it’s just another day because I didn’t want too much pressure on the details. I think that’s how brides get disappointed. It was really just about me and Ross having a good time and celebrating each other with each other and all the people we love. And we got that, so we’re really happy and will always look back on that day with fondness.

Did you have a band or a DJ?

A band! The best band—Working Title. Now that I think of it, they were a pretty excellent detail…They were on point! They never stopped, and the dance floor was never empty. I definitely attribute a lot of the energy and magic of the day to their music.

Did you have speeches?

We had speeches, but we broke them up over two nights. We had our best man and maids of honour speak on the night of the rehearsal dinner, and then my father and Ross’s godfather spoke on the night of the actual wedding. We chose to do that for two reasons…one because my maids of honour were nervous about speaking in front of a 200-person crowd, so the more intimate setting of the rehearsal dinner made them feel much more at ease. Secondly, speeches at weddings can get really long and boring for guests! Having it broken up over two nights kept the energy up, and there was never a lull. It also brought that sweet, sentimental
element to the rehearsal dinner. I’m really glad we did it that way.

Did you give party favours to your guests?

Yes, we had little jars of locally-made loquat jam by Sally Godet. It was a spring wedding, so that felt appropriate.

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