For decades, Horizons and Cottages was one of Bermuda’s leading cottage colonies. A member of the Relais Chateaux collection of the world’s leading hotels and gourmet restaurants, it was famous for its extraordinary views, charming setting and exemplary service and food.

Now you can capture some of the Horizons’s magic for weddings and other outdoor events, utilising the property’s series of outdoor terraces, all looking out over Bermuda’s famous south shore to the horizon—which gave this centuries-old Bermuda property its name.


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Horizons is the perfect place for an engagement party, rehearsal dinner or another pre-wedding event. Its cozy upper terrace and spectacular views will make a reception or dinner an unforgettable occasion and the perfect kick-off to the wedding.




Horizons is perfect for weddings of any size, as you can use one, some, or all of the terraces, from the top dining terrace with its panoramic views of the south shore to the pub terrace, also overlooking the south shore, around the pool or the barbecue terrace below. Combined, the terraces can accommodate up to 400 guests.


Photo Ops

Horizons abounds in perfect locations for photographs. The terraces have the perfect backdrop of sun, sky and sea, while Horizons’s famous welcoming arms entrance staircase is the ideal frame for personal photos of the bride and groom or the whole wedding party.

The golf course provides wide vistas of grass and sky with a backdrop of Coral Beach & Tennis Club, perfect for any wedding party, while the pool brings a touch of water to the scene. Horizons has the right place for all tastes.

In addition, Coral Beach & Tennis Club is also available for photos, either in their spectacular gardens or on the lawns, on the clifftop or on the beach itself.




Coral Beach & Tennis Club currently offers limited catering to Horizons’s clients or you may organise your own catering.



Despite its central location, Horizons (with its extensive grounds) is sufficiently secluded that your band or DJ can play all night without creating noise problems, and the terraces could have been built with dancing alone in mind. They are also perfect for making speeches and ensuring the garter can be thrown into a big crowd!

The upper terrace and barbeque terraces can accommodate tents from 600 to 900 square feet. Horizons has one 15 by 15 foot tent available, but larger tents should be rented and Horizons can arrange this for you as well.




When the bride and groom come from extended families and you throw in friends as well, a wedding list in Bermuda can expand rapidly along with headaches about parking and accommodating that many people. Horizons’s expansive grounds make parking easy, while its central location makes it accessible from all over the island. All terraces apart from the upper terrace are wheelchair accessible.

The interior of the Horizons building is perfect for staging catering and other features of the wedding, and is also a rainy weather alternative.

Families are welcome to decorate the venue to their own specifications—provided the venue be returned to its original condition. It’s the perfect blank slate for drawing up a dream wedding.




Depending on availability, Coral Beach & Tennis Club will provide accommodation packages for bridal and wedding parties. The Spa is also available for the bride and bridesmaids.



Nik Bhola at 236-2233 or email nikbhola@coralbeach.bm, Rates Available on request

Photography by Two & Quarter Photography

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