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Jenna Dessinger and Nicholas Eromin got married at St. Mary’s Church in Warwick on a date that should be easy to remember—December 13, 2014, or 12/13/14. The ceremony was followed by a cocktail hour at the Fairmont Southampton’s Jasmine Lounge and a reception in the wine cellar room at The Waterlot Inn.

Looking for a beachy, romantic look, Dessinger went to stylist Rebecca Jewell at Bang Bang Hair to create her wedding updo.


What hair care regimen did you follow leading up to the wedding day?

I made sure I kept my colour consistent. When I traveled back and forth from Bermuda to Massachusetts, I made sure my stylist in Bermuda and in the US used the same colour, toner and products. I go to Jessica Brennan at TreNoi Salon in Wakefield, MA, and Gemma Howe at Strands when I get it coloured in Bermuda. I get my hair foiled for dimension every seven to eight weeks to maintain colour freshness. Both stylists use Goldwell colour hair regimen.


Did your hair hold up well?

My hair held up perfectly and it even looked great the next day.


Any advice for other brides?

If getting married in Bermuda, I would recommend getting your hair done in some sort of up-do. Loose curls and down are beautiful; however, the humidity and wind could affect how it holds up, especially if you are having a beachside wedding.

I would also recommend washing your hair the day before. If you wash it the same day, it may not hold up as well. Be honest with your hairdresser if you don’t like the way it looks. Minor changes can easily be fixed. I would also search on Pinterest for hairstyles before the trial for the perfect look for your special day.


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Pro Tips from The Stylist

Hairstylist Rebecca Jewell, better known as Bex, works at Bang Bang Hair on Reid Street, Hamilton (


What are some of your best “Pro Tips” when it comes to wedding hair?

When deciding on what style, you want go for something soft and classic that’s true to your own style. You want it to be timeless, so when you look back at the photos you still like the look.

Take pictures from all angles of any trials you have done. It’s not always easy to remember exactly what your hair looked like.

Bring someone with you who will be with you all day. That way they can be shown how to do any touch-ups or how to remove the veil after the ceremony without ruining the hair.


What advice would you give a bride-to-be in preparation for her big day?

Look after the condition of your hair leading up to the day, starting months before. If your hair is damaged go for regular conditioning treatments at the recommendation of your stylist. Don’t try any drastic colour changes within the few months leading up to the date. Going a lot lighter quickly can damage your hair. Going a lot darker introduces the risk of your not liking it, and going back lighter again is very hard to achieve once a dark deposit has been put into the hair. Try and find the colour you want and maintain it for a few months to keep your hair in good condition.

Have your final colour done a week before, rather than a day before the wedding. This allows time for any changes to be made if it is not perfect.

Hair extensions can be a great addition to the hair to add extra length and volume. I personally prefer clip in extensions, as you can place them exactly where you want them on the day. They are easier to work with when creating an up-style. Extensions that are glued in, either individually or in strips, can end up ruining your hair as they make your hair get matted at the root which can result in hair loss. You are also stuck with them for several weeks, and they are hard to maintain and style yourself. They wont be easy to manage on your honeymoon, and they don’t look great with lots of salt water in them!


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