Frances & John Heard

John Heard and Frances Trott tied the knot on June 16, 2012 in a beautiful, traditional Bermuda wedding. Frances and John’s love story began over a conversation about salsa dancing. “John and I met at a summer work party on the Venetian. After a few cocktails I mentioned that I was planning to attend a salsa night at Elbow Beach. John was interested in joining me but said that he was ‘just a beginner,’” says Frances, who at that time was new to salsa dancing herself. The evening that John and Frances agreed to meet, Frances arrived early enough to discover her soon-to-be dancing partner had been keeping a secret. “I learned that John was in fact an experienced salsa dancer and not just a beginner. You can imagine my surprise and potential embarrassment,” laughs Frances. As the night unfolded, however, John and Frances discovered an undeniable connection. “I remember going home that night and thinking that I had just met the most amazing man in my entire life.”

John went home that night feeling just as enamored with Frances and wasted no time inviting her out again. Nine months later, Frances and John were engaged. “John proposed after dinner one night while we were visiting my father’s home in Antigua. He suggested that we go for a walk along the golf course to enjoy the brilliant full moon that lit up the sky that night. On the sixth green, John asked me to stop for a second to enjoy the view and then surprised me when I turned around to find him on one knee,” tells Frances. “I of course said yes!” To make the moment even more special, the moon, which John had planned his whole proposal around was a natural wonder in itself. “The moon was actually a Super Moon and was the biggest and brightest it had been in nearly twenty years!”

Ultimately Frances and John decided on a traditional Bermuda wedding as a way of paying homage to the fact that Frances is a fourteenth generation Bermudian. Honouring further family traditions, the couple decided to be married at Christ Church in Warwick where her parents were married. “The reception was held at my father’s home as it was also where my parents had their reception. The house was built in the early 1600s and has a perfect yard.”

Continuing the traditional Bermuda theme, Frances and John celebrated their special day with a horse and carriage ride from the church, and they planted a Bermuda Cedar tree in the backyard of Frances’s father’s home. They also enjoyed both gold leaf and silver leaf wedding cakes, baked from a 100-year-old recipe, and hosted guests to a traditional cocktail reception rather than a formal sit-down dinner.

“Having a wedding with so many family traditions made it extra special and significant to us,” tells Frances. “There is so much history in Bermuda and we were very excited to celebrate it all on our wedding day. We hope this tradition continues for many generations to come.”

Photography by Gavin Howarth

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