Destination weddings to countries like Bermuda are loved by many brides, but planning one with limited knowledge of the island’s resources can be difficult. The hardest part is going to be preparing a wedding from miles away, but with the help of an event planner, lots of research and a couple visits to your location, everything should turn out just as you imagine. Here’s a helpful outline of how to begin and end your planning without skipping any important steps.

1. Plan in Advance: It’s going to be important to know a tentative head count of guests in advance, so that you chose a venue to fit the perfect amount of people. This means that your save the date will have to go out earlier than normal as well. It’s extremely important to look at different location’s legal guidelines in terms of travel and marriage because they vary from place to place.

2. Pick a Destination: Take a close look at your budget and make sure that when you pick a location everything falls within the lines. It should also be somewhat practical in terms of travel because the harder it is to get to, the fewer guests will make the trek. Check flight times, prices and frequency to ensure your guests will be able to get there on time and without too many connections.

3. Combine Honeymoon: Many couples take the opportunity of a destination wedding to make it into their honeymoon also, especially if it’s the destination of your dreams. This not only saves a lot of money, but also reduces travel and energy.

4. Check Weather & Local Calendar: Like Bermuda, there are many destinations with finicky weather outside of the summer months, which many people are unaware of prior to their travels. Check the weather for the month you’re planning on to make sure it’s in line with what you predicted. Finally, check the local calendar to make sure you’re not planning your wedding over a holiday weekend or local festival.

5. Professional Help: It is going to be vital that you hire a local wedding planner to assist you because they will know the ins and outs of your destination. Other things they can help you with are language barriers, selecting the best vendors and event logistics.

Planning a destination wedding will be stressful, so remember to stay calm and keep the end goal in mind: a happy, beautiful wedding with the person you love. The small details will seem less important when it’s all over.


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