Aziza & Cal Furbert

Aziza Ahad and Cal Furbert will never forget when they first met. “It was June 2, 2007,” remembers Cal. “I was back in Bermuda working at my uncle’s gas station at Boaz Island for the summer vacation. I went to Dockyard so a friend could buzz my hair. After that, friends invited me to a party at Snorkel Park in Dockyard. Then Aziza turned up with her brother’s girlfriend at the time.” It was, they both agree, love at first sight. “That was it,” says Cal. “We spent every day but one Wednesday together until I went back to the States.”

Aziza agrees. “We hit it off immediately. We talked about everything!”

They discovered they were both Bermudian although they had never met each other during their childhoods. Cal’s family lives in the States where he was brought up, while Aziz grew up in Chicago, Boston and Atlanta before coming to Bermuda at 12 to attend the Bermuda High School for Girls. When they met, Cal was “a poor college student” studying biology at the University of Pennsylvania. After the vacation, he went back to college to finish his studies, so their relationship continued long distance.

The evening of Cal’s proposal, August 7, 2010, he prepared a treasure hunt for Aziza and hid wrapped surprises that symbolised their relationship. “A snorkel set to remind her of where we first met was the first item,” he remembers. “And there was a little aircraft symbolising our trips to and from the States and Bermuda.”

Aziza recalls unwrapping a rubber duck, a reminder of their official first date: attending the annual Rubber Duck Derby in St. George’s. “And there were chopsticks to represent our favourite restaurant, L’Oriental.” Last of all was a little box. “It was empty,” she laughs. When she turned to Cal to tell him, he was on one knee with the ring in his hand.

They had to wait another year before they could tie the knot. Aziza, who had graduated from the University of Western Ontario, was working in Bermuda as a marketing executive for Digicel, but Cal needed to finish his studies. After he graduated in May 2011, they married the following August at Fort Scaur, one of Aziza’s favourite places in Bermuda.

While Cal was raised as a Roman Catholic, Aziza was brought up in the Muslim faith. Despite the differences in their religious background, parents on both sides were supportive of their union. During her time in Atlanta, she lived in a Southeast Asian community, and she incorporated Pakistani design into her wedding dress. “I wore a lengha choli, a skirt and blouse in ivory,” she explains. “And a dupatta, or shawl. The hair covering is for modesty and piety.” All four of her bridesmaids wore saris.

Their wedding ceremony on the grass overlooking Ely’s Harbour was followed by a cocktail reception for 200 guests in the fort area. Later, the newlyweds and their immediate families attended an intimate dinner at Grotto Bay.

Since moving into a cottage in Somerset, they have concentrated on fixing it up as their first home. But they plan a honeymoon in January. Destination? Unknown.

Photography by Kageaki Smith

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Ceremony location: Fort Scaur, Somerset
Reception location: Fort Scaur for cocktail reception. Grotto Bay Hotel for intimate family dinner.
Wedding bands: Alexandra Mosher
Wedding gown: Lengha choli from Gerrard Bazaar, Toronto
Bridesmaids’ dresses: Saris, purchased at Gerrard Bazaar, Toronto, and sewn by the Tailor Shop
Photography: Kageaki Smith
Reception band: DJ Rusty G
Catering: Flying Chef, Grotto Bay
Flowers and decor: Class Act Design for decor, El Shaddai for bouquets
Event planner: N/A
Wedding cake: Lemon raspberry cake from Flying Chef
Groom’s cake:
Hair: The Hair Studio
Transport: Taxis
Invitations: Designed by Nikki Fagan, printed by Island Press
Gifts: Registered at International Imports, Masters, Gibbons Company and Gibbons Home Store

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