Twisted Spoon by AnnSpurlingWritten by W. C. Stevenson, Photograph by Ann Spurling.

Twisted Spoon, a mobile mixology bar, is rapidly becoming the cocktail party-piece du jour.

Inside the apartment they share in Pembroke, mixologists Stefan Gitschner and Somers Carr carefully eye their racks of liquor, bitters, syrups and herbs, discussing among themselves what ingredients they could use to make two cocktails tailored to my own specific taste in booze.

After peppering me with questions about my palette, Gitschner settles on an old fashioned, while Carr cooks up a Tom Collins — two drinks I’ve always enjoyed, but also have a few gripes with. “They’re too sweet these days,” I tell them, which starts a lengthy conversation about the wider problem of sweeting-up cocktails in order to make them more accessible.

What resulted were two drinks worlds away from anything I had ever tasted before, and yet were somehow familiar, like a long-lost friend you never had.

This is what the men of Twisted Spoon do best. Whereas before, bartenders at an event came stocked with the usual suspects — a dark ’n stormy, black and coke, swizzle, and the other Bermudian staples — Twisted Spoon is arriving with a plethora of homemade, local ingredients, tailored exactly to the client’s wishes.

“For us, using fresh ingredients is so important,” says Gitschner. “When you’re making a really nice cocktail with fresh ingredients, it’s so much better. We make our own syrups, bitters, all of it.”

The idea for the business was borne out of selfishness, they both admit.

“We were sick of parties and getting served vodka sodas and swizzle, etc.,” says Carr. “We were talking about it one day and it just made sense. We’re both bartenders, we both have a lot of experience and are well trained. We wanted to give something locals have never experienced before.”

While their speciality might be coming up with bespoke cocktails, they don’t shy away from the usual suspects.

“Of course we do make those classic drinks, but we put our own twist on them,” says Carr. “For example with the swizzle, as opposed to putting in pineapple juice, we took a blow torch and charred pineapple wedges, soaked them in rum, then dropped them in the drink.”

strawberry basil punch

Here are some great wedding-inspired cocktails from Stefan and Somers that are prefect for your big day:


Lily’s Garden

Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin



Bermuda Wild Sage Syrup

Scrappy’s Lavender Bitters

Rosemary Sprigs

A favourite of ours at Twisted Spoon, we combined harbaceous flavours with the light subtle notes of cucumber and a tough of lavender bitters to add a slight floral note. Truly delectable!

Serve in a tall collins glass with lots of ice and garnish with a local rosemary sprig and cucumber slice.


Pretty in Pink

Tito’s Handmade Vodka


Twisted Spoon Raspberry Shrub

Fresh Lemon Juice

Suze Liqueur

Lemon rind curls

What wedding would be complete without a champagne cocktail made just for the bride? This light yet very expressive cocktail sends your palate to new dimensions! The sweet and tangy flavours of the shrub pair perfectly with the aromas of wild gentian and slight bitterness from the Suze. Pretty in Pink is guaranteed to be a hit with the ladies!

Serve in a champagne glass and garnish with a lemon rind curl.


Pineapple Rum Tea Punch

Pineapple-infused white rum

Jasmin green tea

Basil agave mix


Strawberries and basil leaves

This simple punch is a great party starter! Take fresh pineapple with a good quality white rum and let it sit for about a week, strain out the pulp and you have a tasty treat! Mix all ingredients in a large punch bowl and you are ready for the dance floor!

Serve in a large punch bowl, garnish bowl with fresh basil leaves and strawberries.


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