Nea & Nathan Moore

“Well she ain’t into cars or pickup trucks, but if it runs like a Deere, man her eyes light up,” are the first words Nea Wadson heard from Nathan Moore’s mouth when she watched him perform a rousing rendition of “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy” by Kenny Chesney back in 2007.

As most Bermudians do, both Nea and Nathan already knew each other through mutual friends but had never met officially until that night in the karaoke bar. Watching Nathan perform with such gumption, Nea couldn’t help but be smitten instantly with his zest for life. “Right away I was drawn to his outgoing personality and irreverent humour,” says Nea. “It was clear that being around Nathan would always be a good time, filled with fun and laughs!” And Nea wasn’t the only one intrigued; Nathan couldn’t help but notice the blonde beauty lighting up the room. “I‘d been pretty awestruck by Nea,” explains Nathan. “It didn’t take long for me to be completely convinced she was the one I wanted.”

Although both parties agreed there was an undeniable connection between them, with both in university leading very different lives, the timing wasn’t ideal. “We became friends and grew close soon after we met formally and spent a lot of time together while on breaks from school,” recalls Nea. “It wasn’t until 2008 when we gave into the inevitable and started dating. It was obvious we couldn’t stay apart.”

For the next four years, the couple travelled back and forth between Bermuda and Boston while they finished their bachelor’s degrees and Nathan started law school. In March 2012, Nathan was certain that Nea was the one and decided to pop the question while on a mini-break at home in Bermuda. Under the guise of an afternoon beside the pool at Rosewood Tucker’s Point, Nathan presented Nea with a book he’d made, filled with photos of them throughout their time together. The last page contained a single photograph of a diamond ring. As Nea turned to it, Nathan dropped to one knee and asked his friend and love to be his wife. Through tears of joy, Nea managed to produce a definitive, “Yes!” And at that moment, the families of the newly betrothed couple—who had been hiding out on the hotel property—emerged to celebrate the happy couple’s engagement.

Nea and Nathan were married on May 18, 2013, at the Unfinished Church in St. George’s in a ceremony that played perfectly to the couple’s lively spirits and bold personalities. Despite an overcast morning the clouds parted and the sun shone through, illuminating the aisle just as Nea arrived and began her procession arm-in-arm with her father.

The historical venue for the wedding was partially constructed in 1874, but the church was left unfinished after parishioners decided to abandon work and rebuild St. Peter’s Church instead. Since then it has stood as a landmark in the old town of St. George’s, maintained by the Bermuda National Trust. Nea and Nathan chose to say “I-do” at the old church as a nod to the famous poet Tom Moore and his “Nea.” As legend has it, Moore fell hopelessly in love with Hester Louisa Tucker during his time in Bermuda. As the lady was married, it was impossible for the two to have an intimate relationship, but that didn’t stop Moore from admiring her from afar. Just before Moore left Bermuda for good, he wrote one of his most famous poems, “Ode to Nea,” professing his love for the woman with whom he could never spend his life.

A statue and plaque paying tribute to Tom Moore are situated in St. George’s not far from “Nea” Tucker’s home and the Unfinished Church. With that in mind, Nea and Nathan decided it was the perfect venue at which to become husband and wife. “We couldn’t fail to notice the plight of Tom Moore and his Nea,” the couple explains. “The idea that we could get married not far from the Tom Moore plaque and that there would finally be a Nea Moore was too perfect!” Indeed, their exchange of vows in such an historical setting, with such deep meaning attached to it, was certainly one of the most impressive aspects of their big day: “It’s always one of the first things people mention when they congratulate us!”

The couple followed their traditional nuptials with a lively reception at Rosewood Tucker’s Point. Although the modern venue for their reception was in complete contrast to the historical Unfinished Church, the hotel held just as much meaning for them. “Rosewood Tucker’s Point is a place special to us for as long as we have been together. It’s where we spent numerous anniversaries and Valentine’s Days, not to mention where we got engaged.”

With the help of Katie Trimingham of All the Trimmings, as well as the bride’s mother, Nancy, the beach clubhouse was transformed for the fete. “We started with the basic idea of bright, fun and preppy. We chose to go with bow ties and pearls, and Nancy really took it from there. She made the napkin rings herself, crafting them to look like bow ties in bright colours.” In addition to the bright, preppy decor was the candy bar, set up for guests to bag their own candy to take home as wedding favours, “It was a big hit!” says the couple.

All in all, the couple’s reception was a success, filled with laughs, happy tears and plenty of dancing. Working Title took the stage, performing two lively renditions of “Palance,” leaving not a single guest in their seat—and a few in the pool. “Our wedding celebration turned out to be everything we hoped for,” the married couple agree fondly.

What’s next for Nea and Nathan? “Ultimately I think we see ourselves back in Bermuda, once Nathan finishes law school,” says Nea. “We’re both looking forward to starting our family in Bermuda, back amongst all of our loved ones and friends,” adds Nathan.

Photography by Gavin Howarth

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