Choosing the right time to get married is extremely important, and every bride wants it to be meaningful and perfect! We’ve put together a list of the perks of getting married in each of the four seasons and we’ll let you decide which speaks the most to you and the vision of your dream wedding. Remember to factor in weather, “peak month” prices and, most importantly, a time in which all of your guests will be able to see you walk down the aisle.

SPRING: With the weather slowly improving, the spring can be nice and warm before the thick humidity hits us, especially in Bermuda. The spring is also a symbolic time for rebirth and brings color and a lively atmosphere. It’s the perfect time to bring back a pop of color and enjoy all of the local fresh produce. But be aware that spring showers are often likely, so a tented or indoor reception is important.

SUMMER: The obvious number one perk of getting married in the summer is the weather! Every bride prays for good weather on her wedding day, and the summer can be a reliable time to expect some sunshine. Another reason many couples pick the summer is that it’s easier for you, the guests and the wedding party to take time off of work, help you plan and attend the wedding! Lastly, summer allows for a wide range of wedding styles, from beach to poolside to an elegant garden wedding. And this season can cater to a variety of themes!

FALL: If you live in a place that experiences quintessential fall weather with leaves changing and brisk air, then the fall may be the ideal season to get married. This is some of the most beautiful and romantic weather of the year. The fall also comes with some of the most creative and fun theme ideas, like outdoor BBQ or autumn leaves. The color palettes that come with autumn are so elegant and are sure to make any bride stand out in bright white.

WINTER: Apart from the beautiful white aspect of winter weddings, getting married in this season is often less expensive, due to that fact that winter is considered an off season for weddings, unless it’s Christmas, of course. Not only do you have the opportunity to save a lot of money, but you can also take advantage of the minimalistic and simple themes that winter weddings often take on! Every bride is sure to look like a snow princess walking down the aisle during this season.

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