Photography by Zeudi Hinds

 Married on January 12, 2016, Carla Lambert and Marcus “DJ Chubb” George share their tips and tricks on looking their best on the big day.


Who did your hair?

Raquel Brown at Blueprint Hair Studio

Describe your wedding hairstyle…

Exactly what I wanted!

How did you decide on your wedding haristyle?

I stalked hairdressers for about a year. When I saw Raquel’s designs at the Orchid
Wedding Expo, I was sold. Plus, she enjoys doing wedding hair and it shows.

Did your veil determine the type of hairstyle you wanted?

No, I made the veil work for the hairstyle.

What was your daily hair routine in preparation for the wedding?

I grew my hair long for the year and did a relaxer and colour treatment about three weeks before our wedding day. Then, a few days before the wedding, I put a treatment in it. I wanted to have a touch of blue without dying it, so Raquel discreetly ran some blue hair pieces throughout my hair.

Did the stylist come to you or did you go to the salon?

Raquel came to my hotel to do my hair and my bridesmaids’ hair.

Who did your makeup?

Kyla Tear was my makeup artist.

Did you do a trial with the makeup artist before the wedding?

Yes I did. I had Kyla do my makeup for my job’s Christmas party.

How did you decide on your bridal accessories?

I wasn’t fussy about the accessories. I had a look in mind and found some very reasonable
accessories online. But I did concentrate on the shoes and found the pair of Jimmy Choos I wanted at Kleinfeld’s!

How did you decide on your particular bridal look?

Many hours on Pinterest and Instagram got me the colour scheme and overall look.

What was your skincare regimen leading up to the wedding? Did you use any special products?

I had to watch what I ate in order to minimise any breakouts, and I was also drinking water. I had a monthly microdermabrasion treatment at The Reefs. Another important element was scheduling the appointment with my dental hygienist for my six-month cleaning a few days before the wedding.

Did you wear perfume?

I meant to! But I totally forgot. I did have on my scented shea butter though!

Where did you get ready?

At the Southampton Princess.

What was your favourite element or detail of your bridal look?

Definitely the back of the dress! I worked hard in the gym to be able to pull that off.


Did you get a haircut before the wedding?

Yes, the day before with my usual barber at Made 2 Fade.

Who did your beard?

Dion Brangman at Made 2 Fade.

What was your skincare regimen leading up to the wedding?

Nivea Face wash.

Did you wear cologne?

Yes. Sexual “Paris.”




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