Written by Laura Bell. Photography by Two & Quarter.

Bermudians Paige Belvin and Aaron Eversley met while in college in Halifax. Dating on and off for nine years, the couple grew up together and into their sweet family before tying the
knot on August 6, 2016.

“Through the nine years together, we experienced a lot and grew together,” said Paige, who works at WindReach Bermuda. “We lost loved ones, had really hard times and really great ones. We even grew into a family and welcomed our son three years ago! No matter what, we always ended up coming back to one another and I think that was all we needed to know.”

Aaron’s good friend being a pilot, Aaron organised an aerial tour with Blue Sky Bermuda for November 21, 2015, while unbeknownst to Paige, her family and friends were writing “Will you marry me?” in the sand at Grape Bay Beach. “I grew up on Grape Bay and so did my father, we moved shortly after he passed away,” said Paige. “The beach holds so many memories for me and holds a special place in my heart, as it did for my dad. As we flew toward the beach I was distracted by a crowd of people below. I then found myself reading the words in the sand—in true Paige fashion, I didn’t get it was for me until I turned to see a huge cheesy grin on Aaron’s face and a ring box on his lap. We flew in safely and joined all
of the family and friends on the beach for bubbly after!”

“I told her I wanted to get her a ring early summer 2015,” said Aaron. “I am not very traditional—if you can’t tell (laughs). But I also told her because we actually have very different taste. She has very simple taste while I like a little more. So we visited Davidrose to talk about and design a ring. They are really the best! Even with this in the works, she didn’t clue in about the plane—which we all definitely thought she would!”

Being the non-traditional couple they are, Paige and Aaron planned a completely low-key and very apropos ceremony on the water. “Our ceremony took place on our family boat, Just Jane, which my family creatively changed for the day to Just Married,” said Paige. “The idea came about because we both didn’t want a big wedding, but still wanted to celebrate it and let those closest to us be a part of it. We didn’t want the pressure of spending money or making too much of a fuss over details.

“There were seven of us on Just Jane—one of my sisters and her husband who were our witnesses and drivers; our son, London Adam, who not only gave us the rings but held our hands throughout the ceremony as he was just as much part of the marriage; Anthony Ball who married us; and Merle Swan Williams (aka “Aunt Meryl”) who supported our union.

“We organised two charter boats, Attitude Adjustment and Double Play, for friends and family, while others brought their own boats and they all tied up so our reception was essentially a raft-up!”

After the “I dos” the couple sneaked off with their photographers, Mark and Ally Tatem of Two + Quarter, to take some photos and enjoy some newlywed time together. They returned to a full-on raft-up party with about 100 of their closest friends and family. “We cut our cake, made by one of our closest friends (champagne icing, the best!), and then jumped in for a swim too as the sun went down!” said Paige.

The day was just perfect for the laid-back couple who wanted little more than to celebrate their love with the people they loved. For Aaron the best part of the day was “seeing everyone and hopping from boat to boat just after we said ‘I do.’ Embracing the love and support from everyone. I honestly was someone who never thought they would get married, so it was an amazing feeling.”

“I would agree with Aaron that was by far one of the best parts!” said Paige. “We came into this idea wanting nothing more than to celebrate our love. Our loved ones, however, organised so many little details on the day that helped make it so perfect. Small surprises throughout the day—from giant swans on the back of the boat to personalised stickers on
champagne glasses—made it all more memorable!”

Another special detail included the bouquet created by the bride’s crafty mom featuring greenery from her garden and a few small white roses. “The night before, we went out and clipped things from her garden and she pieced it all together. It was one of my favourite parts,” said Paige.

Of course, outdoor weddings are not without their challenges when it comes to weather, but this couple’s super laid-back plan allowed for an easy transition when the wind caused them to shift locations. “We were meant to raft up off of Cambridge beaches, Somerset, and of course it was a super windy day out of the west,” said Paige. “Somehow though, everyone got the word out to each other and changed location in the lee without us even knowing. Someone phoned my sister on our boat and everyone was already in the new location and tied up. It was brilliant. Our no-plan, plan, worked!”

While the couple admitted having someone delegated to organising the raft-up ahead of time would have made things easier on the day and they wished they had started earlier to allow more time to mingle after the ceremony, overall their day was just perfect. All summed up, Paige and Aaron said it was a day full of “love, natural beauty and excitement!”

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