Serena Honeyghan and Roger Todd were married at 11 o’ clock in the morning on June 12, 2014, at Fort Scaur overlooking the beautiful Ely’s Harbour. The ceremony was followed by a lunch reception in the Tamarisk Restaurant at Cambridge Beaches. The sun was shining and the humidity was high but Serena looked stunning through it all, thanks in part to her makeup artist and friend, Aurélie Bazile.


Did Aurélie come to you or did you go to her?

She came to me at my home.


Did she do your wedding party as well?

No. Donika York, owner of Basic Beauty Studio, did the makeup for my mom and bridesmaids. She also came to my home.


What look did you want for your wedding day?

I wanted a classic, natural look for myself, nothing too over the top. I told Aurélie that I still wanted to look like me, just a more polished version!


Did you do a test trial first?

Yes. We did two trials and played around with different colour palettes to find the right look.


What skincare regimen did you follow leading up to the wedding day?

I always cleanse and moisturize twice daily but leading up to the wedding I made sure to exfoliate once a week and drink plenty of water.


Did your makeup hold up well?

It was a very hot day with high humidity but surprisingly my makeup held up well. I only needed to re-apply my lipstick a few times.


Any advice for other brides?

If like me you usually wear little or no makeup, do a test trial first. That way you can be confident you will have the exact look that you want on your big day.



Pro Tips from the Makeup Artist:

  • Pack a compact powder, lip liner and a lip gloss to make sure that you don’t get a shiny complexion in pictures and to keep glossy coloured lips all day.
  • Take special care of your skin at least two months prior to the wedding. Exfoliate twice a week, moisturize twice a day and drink plenty of water to plump and soothe the skin. This way the make-up will last longer and the bride will have a glowing complexion.
  • Have a make-up trial about two weeks before the wedding and no later than lunchtime to make sure the make-up will last all day given the base make-up used.

Photography by Zeudi Hinds.

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