Photography by Alexander Masters

Married in a formal affair at Cambridge Beaches on January 2, 2017, Sakina Stevens impressed her groom, William Usher Jr., and their guests by wearing not one, but two stunning wedding gowns. The first was a classic, strapless dress detailed with thousands of tiny pearls, while the second was a fitted, fire-hued dress that allowed Sakina to showcase her love of fashion. And to ensure that she and her husband stood out from the crowd, the couple requested that their guests wear black evening attire. We loved Sakina’s unique looks so much that we interviewed her for all the details!

What was your inspiration for choosing to wear two dresses on your wedding day?

The first dress I chose in memory of my late grandmother, who loved pearls. I thought it would be a great way of honouring her. As detail orientated as I am, the dress not only signified my grandmother’s love but also matched the bridesmaids’ purses, which were covered in pearls. The second dress I chose as a way to relax and have an enjoyable evening at the reception. I love fashion, so it felt as though I was expressing my inner self and doing things beyond the norm. I’ve seen other brides wear a different white or ivory gown to receptions. However, I decided to wear red, a colour that really stands out. The guest attire was all black evening wear, so it gave my husband and me the opportunity to be set apart at both the wedding and reception.

Who designed your dresses?

One early morning when I could not sleep, I stumbled across my wedding gown on sale at David’s Bridal. I thought it was so typical to go dress shopping on that website. I was literally just browsing to view what they had. But after seeing the pearl design and the sale price of the dress by Galina Signature, I called my mother, just minutes after 6 a.m., telling her I found a dress. The red dress also came by chance as I searched a site given to me by a friend who had assisted me in finding evening gowns for previous events. The name of the line is La Femme.

How did you feel in your dresses on your wedding day?

I felt exclusive in both of them. The first had a memorial significance, and the second was unique and different—as I am.

What were your favourite elements or details of your dresses?

The pearls were definitely the highlight of my wedding gown. I thought it was simple but elegant! The red dress…I loved the back of the dress. It was sexy but also had an elegant appeal.

How did your husband react when he first saw you in each of the dresses?

I really cannot describe the look on his face! [Laughs] But thanks to a friend who caught it on video—well, just imagine, his eyes bulged and his eyebrows were raised.

Do you have any advice for a future bride on finding her dream dress?

Find a dress that is personal and defines you. Everyone has their own idea or concept of what will look great. Ultimately, the dress can signify who you are, but what matters most is how it makes you feel.



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