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Bermuda Rum Cake Company

T: (441) 234-4216, W: http://www.dockyardcompany.com, E: wendy@dockglass.com

Popular among local visitors, the Bermuda Rum Cake Company has been in operation for over 15 years, perfectly serving up the delicious rum-soaked treats made using Gosling’s Black Seal rum. Available in a wide array of flavours, including traditional, rum swizzle, coffee, chocolate, ginger, banana, coconut, loquat, fruit cake and a special Christmas variation, the cakes make for the perfect wedding favour for destination couples who wish their guests to, quite literally, get a taste for Bermuda. The small-size cakes (nine ounces)—which can be purchased on-line— are priced at $14.95 at the Bermuda Rum Cake Company’s main store in Dockyard or duty-free across the island.


Outerbridge’s Swizzle Taffy

T: (441) 296-4451, W: http://www.outerbridge.com, E: peppers@logic.com

Bermuda’s favourite fruity cocktail is now available in the sweetest form imaginable: saltwater taffy. Chewy, creamy and with a definite hint of rum swizzle, these alcohol-free candies come individually wrapped, making it easy for you to package up a handful for each of your guests. An eight-ounce box is available for purchase for $7.95 on-line or for $9.95 in souvenir shops around Bermuda.


Tucker’s Farm Goat Cheese

A: 9 Lagoon Drive, Paget, T: (441) 337-7548, E: crowisland@northrock.bm

James Tucker began making his own goat’s cheese in the mid-1990s when he decided it was time to keep his pet goats for more than just companionship. Currently, his six female goats (and one billy) allow him to produce cheeses of various flavours and consistency. The most popular are the fresh cheese—plain, Marley (fresh herbs) and Full Hott (peppers and rum)—and Hay Jude, a surface ripened cheese made from the same curd as the fresh cheese, but yielding a different taste and consistency. Divvy up portions of this all-natural, organic cheese into small glass jars and gift your wedding guests with them on your special day.


Bermuda Honey from Beekeeper Number 5

T: (441) 293-0031

Randolph Furbert is famed Beekeeper Number 5. Having been around bees his entire life, his experience and knowledge are unmatched on our island. Currently, Furbert manages hundreds of hives across the island, making him the top supplier of Bermuda honey. Unfortunately, due to lack of rain and dwindling numbers of surviving hives, Bermuda produced its lowest yield of honey in 40 years in 2012. But despite the low numbers, Furbert continues to educate Bermuda’s population about the importance of local bees—and to educate the world about the deliciousness of Bermuda honey. Purchase pots of honey for each of your wedding guests, and make a gesture everyone will be buzzing about.


Gosling’s Black Seal Rum and Ginger Beer

T: (441) 295-1123, W: http://www.golsingsrum.com, E: aholmes@goslings.com

It was a dark and stormy night when the Sea Venture was wrecked on the Devils Isles (resulting in the colonisation of Bermuda in 1612), and it’s a Dark ‘n’ Stormy tradition that Bermudians enjoy 400-plus years later. Made with a devilishly delicious combination of Gosling’s Black Seal rum and ginger beer, Bermuda’s national drink has been the cause of many births, lost bets and plain drunken shenanigans. Honour tradition and gift your guests a small bottle of Gosling’s Black Seal rum and a can of ginger beer, so that after your big day is done they can sit back, enjoy a Dark ‘n’ Stormy and reminisce about your trip down the aisle.


Bermuda Artisan Sea Salt

W: http://www.artisanseasalt.com, E: matt@artisanseasalt.com

Matt Hooper spent years collecting salts from around the world, but it wasn’t until 2012 that he decided to dip a five-gallon bucket into the water off the south shore and craft his own Bermuda sea salt. After hundreds of hours of researching and testing, the winning method was decided upon and Bermuda Artisan Sea Salt was born. Almost two years later, Hooper still dips his bucket into the water off south shore to make batches of his homemade salt, currently available in three variations: original, soy, and lime. Hooper’s salts are available for purchase at International Imports, Windybank Farm Market and Wadson’s Farm.


Bermuda Jam Factory

W: http://www.bermudajamfactory.com, E: info@bermudajamfactory.com

It was 2004 when Grant Kennedy and Joel McDonnell decided to take their love of jams to the ultimate level by launching Bermuda Jam Factory—with only one recipe at that time. Fast-forward to 2014 and the powerful duo have two product lines. The first, Gombey Pepper Jams, range from mild to hot and are the perfect complement to cheeses, burgers, codfish cakes and crusty breads. The second line, Give Me Agave, is a no-sugar-added range of preserves and sauces made using organic agave nectar. Jars of Bermuda Jam Factory jams can be purchased either on-line or island-wide for $10.00 each.


Outerbridge’s Original Sherry Peppers

T: (441) 296-4451, W: http://www.outerbridge.com, E: peppers@logic.bm

A must-have ingredient in every Bermuda kitchen is Outerbridge’s Original Sherry Peppers, a blend of sherry peppers, wine vinegar and hot mustard. For over 50 years, Outerbridge’s has been bottling its famous recipe, now in a variety of different flavours and variations and the perfect addition to fish chowder, codfish cakes, and codfish and potatoes. For only $6.95, you can present your guests with a bottle of these famous sherry peppers, allowing them the opportunity to delve repeatedly into Bermudian cuisine culture.


Bouquet Garni Products

T: (441) 335-7079, E: bouquetgarni@northrock.bm

Caterer and part owner of Windybank Farm, Julie Grayston-Smith began crafting and bottling her range of food products in 2006. Her line includes homemade chutneys, pesto, jellies, salad dressings and olive oil, which she sells at Lindo’s grocery stores as well as at her family’s farm at Windybank every Saturday morning from 7:00 a.m. until noon. Using only the freshest ingredients, Grayston’s products focus on fruits and vegetables grown locally, benefiting both consumers and our island. Provide each of your guests with a jar or bottle of Grayston’s homemade goods or divvy up smaller portions and share the love.

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