Kristin & Dueane Dill

By Darlene McCarthy Barnfield

Love of adventure is what brought Bermudians Kristin White and Dueane Dill together seven years ago and ultimately led them to the altar in 2010. But according to Kristin, adventure means different things to different people. “He dives with sharks and I say, ‘I’ll pass.’ He’s into sports-based adventure travel, where I’m more into off-the-beaten-path cultural immersion.”

How this couple meshed their different approaches to the same passion was evident the weekend Dueane asked her to marry him. They were staying at a posh resort in Mexico where Dueane had business meetings as well as organized sports activities. Then Kristin suggested something else. “The business [Raleigh Bermuda] that I run is a travel-expedition-based program [for kids at risk],” Kristen explains. “I’m very into not having a plan, just getting a rough guide and going. And he’s not into that at all.” But Kristin says Dueane soon relented and off they went exploring with no plan in mind, save one. Dueane had found a woman who loved exploring the world as much as he did, so he did the practical but exceedingly romantic thing and proposed.

True to form, he had a more traditional ring in mind, and she, of course, was thinking of something a bit more whimsical. “Our styles are very different,” says Kristin. “Because my style is very vintage, I said, ‘Why don’t you get me a giant starfish?’ and he said, ‘I am not getting you a starfish ring.”’ In the end, Kristin was grateful. “Couldn’t be more in love with my ring,” she says. “I am so happy that he went for something more traditional, yet still very different and unique. I get compliments on the ring all the time.”

Kristin says she thinks Dueane, who works for Atlantic Security Insurance, actually appreciates the lightness of spirit she brings to balance their relationship. In turn, she is grateful that he appreciates her dreams.

“I think of opening up a bed-and-breakfast in Nicaragua or opening a smoothie shop. There’s nothing I wouldn’t want to do. I’d love to learn how to knit, or rollerblade,” she says. “He’s like, yeah cool, and supports me. And I just love that he is as open to adventure as I am.”

This couple embarked on their most serious adventure in front of 175 friends and family. Kristin describes the wedding as personal and participatory. “As I walked down the aisle, people in the audience handed me a flower, and that made up my bouquet.”

The couple wed on Thursday, April 29, 2010. She says she had so much fun at her wedding that she “never wanted the day to end.” But there was one thing she wishes she had done differently. “The only thing that I regret is that on the invitation we didn’t tell people to take the next day off!”

The theme of the day was, of course, travel and adventure. “So each of the centerpieces had a floral arrangement, [and] perched on the table was an artifact from a place we’d been,” says Kristin. Even their wedding wish list was a testament to their interests. It read, “Dueane and Kristin are happiest when traveling and drinking. So gifts from C-Travel and Gosling’s are most welcome.” But it was the wedding band that Kristin gave Dueane that most reflected the theme of their wedding and now their marriage. “The inscription in his ring was My Co-pilot in Life’s Adventure,” says Kristin.


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Ceremony location: Somers Garden, St. George’s
Reception location: Private home, St. George’s
Wedding gown: Priscilla of Boston
Bridesmaids’ dresses: J. Crew
Photography: ZKH Photography, Zeudi Hinds
Videography: Summit Video, Jonathan Rogers
Reception band: Drum trio from Eddie Ming’s Rhythm Lab
DJ: Double S
Catering: Cocktail hour, Eddie Ming
Reception dinner: Jamaican Grill
Flowers and décor: East End Flower Alley
Event planner: The bride, assisted by friends Shawnta Gooden and Danielle Riviere
Wedding cake and groom’s cake: Magic Pantry, Ashley Gamble
Hair: Bride, Ozzie at Janauzi’s; bridal party, Jennifer Doe
Makeup: Natasha Rosdol
Transport: Taxis
Invitations: Sole Designs (Sakeena Talbot) and Island Press
Programs: The bride and Island Press
Gifts: Gosling’s and C-Travel
Something borrowed: Swarovski bracelet
Something blue: Blue ankle bracelet
Something old: Table artifacts
Something new: I Do panties

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