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No doubt, one of the busiest stations at any wedding is the bar. With guests taking their liberties, sipping champagne or enjoying beer or a cocktail while they toast the happy couple, behind the bar, the staff and mixologists are experts, hand-mixing drinks and serving up the desired beverages flawlessly.

Stocking a wedding bar is no easy feat, but one the staff at Burrows Lightbourn, founded in 1808, gets right every time. Whether it’s wine, beer, spirits, soda or water, newly wedded couples can choose to serve it all on their big day, with Burrows Lightbourn’s certified wine experts and mixologists providing a helping hand and industry knowledge, aiding couples to stock their wedding bar correctly. With the largest selection of wine, spirits and beer in Bermuda, Burrows Lightbourn offers a wide range of premium brands, such as Heineken, Coors, Bacardi, Grey Goose, Smirnoff and Tanqueray, to name a few.

As Bermuda’s largest wine and spirits merchant, Burrows Lightbourn has specialised in providing full-service beverage catering for weddings, parties and other functions for generations. The long-trusted company offers one-stop-shop service that includes the rental of glassware, coolers, ice and tables, as well as the sourcing of staff, depending on the needs of the couple and their guests. What’s more, Burrows Lightbourn is available for hire both at hotels or clubs and at private residences.

When it comes to providing wedding bar catering, Burrows Lightbourn is unequivocally the best in Bermuda, offering a wide range of libations and accoutrements to suite any taste and budget. Engaged couples wishing to book Burrows Lightbourn for their big day are encouraged to contact Michael Scott, the brand’s catering manager.


Burrows Lightbourn Ltd. 

2 Addendum Lane, Pembroke

(441) 295-0716

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