Photograph by Meredith Andrews


Morphing wedding dreams into perfectly curated reality is ultra-creative duo Selange Gitschner and Matthew Strong of Dasfete, a full-service event planning and styling business offering clients everything from design and production, creative direction, décor sourcing, space planning and logistics, styling, photo shoot direction, consulting and more.

Founder and creative director Selange is a certified interior designer, specialising in environmental and sustainable design. She joined the events and marketing industry in 2005, building a tremendous reputation for delivering creative and unique events, which led her to launch Dasfete in 2015 with partner and production director Matthew Strong.

“Matthew and I are a great team,” says Selange. “I prepare a design brief with inspiration, images and layouts. Then we meet with the client and review the design. From there, we start working on the production and custom installations. We don’t follow a standard formula; instead, each event is designed and produced around its individual concept.”

Imperative to creating a perfect event is knowing their clients, so says Selange. “We spend a lot of time getting to know our clients. Every couple is unique so we are always looking to customise every aspect of an event specifically for each client. Getting to know our clients and producing something that is beyond what they thought was possible is what makes this process so rewarding.”

Known for their out-of-this-world custom designed bars, tables, light fixtures, hanging installations and stylised tablescapes, the creative duo say that collaborating with other experts in the industry is not only important, it’s a way of celebrating diversity and kicking creativity up a notch! “We love working with local vendors and artisans to create unique details,” says Selange, who works with vendors like Suzan Sickling, Gosling’s, MEF, Great Sound, Undercover Tents, Twisted Spoon Cocktail Co. (and many more!) on a regular basis. “We run into challenges when planning, especially when it comes to space planning and logistics but we’re always up for the task and will always make it work.”



Somers Building, 15 Front Street, Hamilton

(441) 400-5048

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