Photograph by Gavin Howarth

Since 2006, local photographer Gavin Howarth has been capturing the moment when husbands and wives unite in wedded bliss. With almost 250 weddings under his belt, it’s safe to say the highly sought-after photographer is an expert in capturing the biggest day of his clients’ lives. “Experience and intuition play a huge role when working. The working knowledge of Bermuda, its infinitely changeable weather, and the many other aspects of a typical wedding day mean no two weddings are ever the same,” says Howarth. And it’s his unrivaled experience and his desire to seek out the most idyllic settings for his couples that make Howarth the best in his field.

For Howarth, the process—from the initial meeting between himself and the engaged couple to the delivery of their wedding photos—is a long but enjoyable one and one in which he takes great pride, making sure every detail is as it should be. “Final delivery is always the proudest moment. It’s a long process and starts with getting to know each client. You end up walking away from the wedding day exhausted having given it your all and that is when the real work begins. Taking the large volume of images and working through them, polishing each and whittling down to a final set is extremely rewarding. Capturing such important memories for my clients is something I am privileged to be able to do.”

As a full-service wedding photographer, Howarth is available for any length of coverage although he mostly photographs larger weddings of four hours or longer. He also offers an array of wedding-related products, from albums to prints and many other popular items which can be ordered through his modern, web-based client portal.

When it comes to forging relationships with his clients, Howarth says, the most important aspect is trust: “Trust is essential; my clients have to trust in my abilities and services to be able to let go and enjoy the day to its fullest.

“To reserve my services, clients would need to sign an agreement and pay a retainer fee. Popular wedding dates get booked around 18 months out and my season is typically fully booked be the end of the previous year.”


Gavin Howarth

Howarth Photography Ltd.

(441) 532-3234

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