Planning a wedding is a lot of work and unless you plan weddings professionally you’re probably not 100% sure where to begin. Whether you’re thinking about getting engaged or already have begun planning the big day there’s a lot to consider and you probably have more than a few questions. That’s where WeddingWire’s The 2015 Newlywed Report comes in handy. They surveyed 6,000 couples across the United States to learn all the wedding FAQS, stats and facts you could possibly need or have to plan the perfect wedding. The 2015 Newlywed Report compiles all this information into 5 categories and a number of beautiful infographics to help you make more informed decisions when planning your nuptials. Here, read all about Pre-Engagement Stats & Trends where you’ll find answers to your questions regarding getting the ring and popping the question.


Getting the Ring


On average, the guy or gal proposing spends an average of $5,000 on an engagement ring. For 35% of folks, they spend at lease 2-months salary on the ring.


47% of individuals popping the questions selected the ring on their own, while 46% of couples make the decision together. The remaining few let the recipient decide.


When it comes to pre-engagement rituals, asking for a hand in marriage is still a popular tradition. Today, over 70% of parents are approached ahead of the engagement for their blessing and/or permission to get married.



Popping the Question


Nearly 40% of engagements occur between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day, with 12% of couples making sure to document for friends and family (and social media) to see by hiring a photographer for the proposal.



17% of engagements happen on the same 10 days of the year!




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