Nicole Nestler and Thomas Roelofsen

Kansas City, Missouri, natives Nicole (Nikki) Nestler and Thomas Roelofsen wed in a destination Bermuda wedding on May 28, 2014. After tying the knot at Stonehole Bay with close family and friends in attendance (including Nikki’s two adorable sons), the couple spoke with us about planning their perfect Bermuda wedding.

Congratulations, Nikki and Tom, on your recent marriage! We love destination Bermuda weddings and we’re so honoured that you chose Bermuda as the place to become husband and wife. How did you decide on Bermuda as the place to get married?

Nikki: “We had never been to Bermuda [before our wedding]. Most people we know go to Hawaii or Jamaica for beach getaways, but we wanted something different and special for our big day. I spent many hours on the Internet looking at images from other destination weddings when I came across a photograph that I thought was breathtaking. Luckily, the image was attached to a blog. The photographer was Gavin Howarth, the location was Stonehole Bay, Bermuda, and the event planner was Bermuda Event Solutions. I have to admit, I had to look at a map to see where Bermuda was and then I picked up the phone and called Gavin Howarth and Bermuda Event Solutions. I planned my wedding for four months later at Stonehole Bay. I hoped it would be as beautiful as the pictures and I was not disappointed; it was more stunning than I would ever have thought. Our wedding day was what every girl dreams of—simply perfect. Now, Bermuda will always have a special place in our hearts!”


When you told your family and friends that you were having a destination Bermuda wedding, how did they react?

Nikki: “My mom had never been out of the United States so she was very excited. None of our friends had ever been to Bermuda, so everyone was happy to have the opportunity to come to such a beautiful place. Once we got to the island, members of our wedding group reaffirmed our feelings that we had picked the perfect place to get married.”


Where did you get married in Bermuda?

Tom: “Stonehole Bay, the most perfect, beautiful, intimate cove —with pink sand.”


Where did your reception take place?

Nikki: “After the ceremony, we all headed to The Reefs for a candlelit dinner on the beach. The food was amazing and the atmosphere was unmatched. We ended our night there with a kiss under the moongate, the perfect way to start our married life.”


Did you hire a wedding planner?

Nikki: “Yes, Emily Boden at Bermuda Event Solutions; she was amazing! Truthfully, I would have been lost without her. She answered every question I had during the planning process and was always there for me, which made planning a wedding from hundreds of miles away do-able.”


Did you run into any difficulties in planning your wedding from abroad?

Tom: “No. We had an amazing team of people working to make sure we had everything we wanted. If it weren’t for them, I’m sure there would have been problems.”


How did you choose your photographer?

Nikki: “The whole reason we picked Bermuda as our destination wedding location was because of Gavin Howarth’s photography, so of course he was the one we wanted to capture our special day. I called him and gave him an approximate timeline for the wedding, and said that we didn’t care when the actual day was as long as he was there to capture it all. I guess that proves how important he was to our big day.”


Did you include any Bermuda elements or local traditions in your wedding?

Nikki: “Our pastor was Bermudian and he added local flair to our ceremony which we really loved. After the ceremony, we had a champagne toast on the beach which is not something we would typically have done back home, but it was so much fun. And of course, we had to kiss underneath the moongate, which is a true Bermudian wedding tradition.”


What is it about Bermuda that makes it the perfect location for a destination wedding?

Nikki: “We can’t say enough good things about Bermuda; it was absolutely the best place for us to get married! The people are so kind; we feel as if we have made lifelong connections with the people we met while on the island. There is so much beauty in Bermuda. Everywhere you turn there is something that takes your breath away; it is really like heaven on earth. We can’t wait to return—it’ll be the first time since we said “I do!”


Would you advise other couples to get married in Bermuda?

“Yes, definitely!”


What advice would you give other couples planning their own destination Bermuda wedding?

“Do your research and learn as much as you can about Bermuda. Hire a team of people that you trust to put together your dream wedding.”



Wedding Planner: Bermuda Event Solutions
Photographer: Gavin Howarth
Flowers: Flowers by GiMi
Videographer: Keith Steede
Ceremony: Stonehole Bay
Reception: The Reefs

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