Kate Butler & James Froelicher

Where they’re from: Raleigh, North Carolina
Wedding date: June 8, 2013
Where they got married: Cambridge House near Cambridge Beaches
Wedding photographer: Gavin Howarth
Caterer: Island Restaurant Group
Florist: Petals
Wedding gown: Maggie Sottero
Grooms attire: Giorgio, Saks Fifth Avenue

Hello, Kate and James. Congratulations on tying the knot! We’re so happy you chose Bermuda as the location for your destination wedding. How did you decide on Bermuda?
“James has family in Bermuda on his father’s side, which is our connection to the island. The fact that Bermuda is so beautiful made it an easy choice as our destination wedding location.”


When you broke the news to family and friends that Bermuda was the location of your destination wedding, how did they react?
They were all so excited! All in all, we had 50 people at our wedding and only six of them actually live in Bermuda, so it was a great group of people we got to welcome to the island. They all stayed in Somerset at private cottages and all of them had a wonderful time.


I know you got married at Cambridge House, an old Bermuda home next door to Cambridge Beaches. How did you decide on Cambridge House as the location of your wedding?
“We selected Cambridge House while browsing vacation homes on-line. We knew it would be absolutely perfect for our wedding, and it was! Shortly after reserving it for our big day, we discovered that James’s grandmother worked in the house when it was the Irish Linen Shop (then called Torwood). That made it an extra special place to say, “I do.”


Did you hire a wedding planner? If so, why did you hire him or her?
“No wedding planner, we did all the planning ourselves.”


That’s amazing! Obviously, planning a destination wedding is difficult from so far away. Did you run into any difficulties?
“We took a lot of the celebration on faith. We had no rain contingency plan, and the day we flew to Bermuda the forecast was 90 percent chance of rain all week. We fortunately landed in perfect weather and only had about two hours of light rain during the entire trip. The rest of the week, including the wedding day was sunny and spectacular! So having never seen the location of our wedding before, never having met the caterer or photographer was a lot a lot to take on faith, but it could not have worked out better. Everything was great—the location, the vendors, the guests, the photos and the food!”


How did you decide on Gavin Howarth as your wedding photographer?
“We loved his on-line portfolio and could not be happier with the photos he took of our wedding day!”


They are exquisite photographs, and you’re right, Gavin is a great photographer. Did you include anything “Bermudian” in your ceremony or reception?
“Bermuda’s natural flora and fauna are awe-inspiring. We both love coming to the island and truly chose it for its natural beauty. This natural beauty is what we chose as the backdrop of our entire wedding. We used Bermuda cedar, Spanish moss and hibiscus flowers for our decorations, and Kate’s aunt and cousins created a gorgeous flower arrangement from flowers around the property. Speaking of natural beauty, during the exchange of vows there were two doves sitting together in the tree above us; we thought it was very fitting.”


In your opinion, what is it about Bermuda that makes it the perfect destination wedding location?
“It’s the most beautiful place on earth. The people are friendly, it’s close to the East Coast and it’s easy to navigate and enjoy. Bermuda doesn’t have a sterile resort feel; even the resorts are more authentic than anywhere else!”


What advice would you give other destination wedding couples getting married in Bermuda?
“Island Restaurant Group, Gavin Howarth and Petals are all wonderful to work with. Also, June is a bit cool in the water but the air temperature is perfect. Renting a cottage provides much more of a personal feeling than a resort and is likely less expensive, but definitely requires more faith and flexibility.”

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