0280Julie Leondis and Andrei Oei, October 30 2010 at Rosewood Tucker’s Point. Chuppah designed by Nikki Begg and Michael Mello of Elements. Photograph by Becky Spencer.


The Chuppah (pronounced khoo p-uh or hoo p-uh) is an essential part of a Jewish wedding ceremony and symbolizes the home that the couple will build together. Traditionally, it consists of a square cloth or prayer shawl supported over four poles and sometimes manually held up by attendants. The chuppah is intentionally open on four sides to symbolize the tend (home) of Abraham and Sarah which was always open for hospitality–and thus represents the importance of family and friends in supporting and strengthening the home. The canopy can also be seen as representing the protective blanket of God over the marriage, as well as the love of special people who have died or couldn’t attend the wedding. Those not of the Jewish faith but fans of the style and significance of a chuppah can simply refer to it as a canopy and embellish it as they choose.


beach chuppahSamantha Jeanne Rothman and Jeffrey Richard Gleit, June 6, 2015. Chuppah designed by Flowers by GiMi and Kathleen Dodwell of Bermuda Event Solutions. Photograph by Gavin Howarth.

266Fishbein050915Lauren Fishbein and Frank Meier, May 9, 2015. Chuppah created by Flowers by GiMi. Photograph by Becky Spencer.

Chuppah from GavinClaire White and James Larner, May 30, 2015. Wedding coordinated by Nikki Begg of Bermuda Bride. Photograph by Gavin Howarth.

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