Disclaimer: Removing sand from any of Bermuda’s beaches without a permit is illegal. Collect sand lawfully either by obtaining a permit or purchasing bottled Bermuda sand from local souvenir shops.

Before you begin any of these do-it-yourself projects, make sure you rinse sand thoroughly to remove any salt or impurities.

What you will need:

  • Three cylindrical glass vases of different heights
  • Pink sand
  • Round stickers, two inches in diameter
  • Two floating candles
  • Half a dozen long-stemmed pale pink roses
  • Glue



  1. Using glue, cover one vase in pink sand three-quarters of the way up the glass. (We painted the glue on with a paintbrush for even application and then rolled vase around in the sand.) When sand has dried, fill vase with water parallel to the sand line. Place roses in vase.
  2. Cover the second and third vases in round stickers, arranging in desired pattern. Next, cover both vases completely in pink sand. When vases are dry, remove stickers to reveal a polka-dot pattern. Fill both vases with water. Float lighted candles in both vases.
  3. Arrange all three vases so that the first vase with the roses is in the centre and the polka-dotted vases are on either side.

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