Planning a wedding comes with a lot of stress and emotions, which in turn can take a toll on your body and well-being. It’s easy to find yourself up all night with your mind spinning, or elbow deep in a bag of potato chips, but if you devote time to a wellness regime you will feel rejuvinated and free of stress (at least a little). Here are some tips to get you on the right track to eliminating pre-wedding stress.

Stay Active: Whether you like cardio, strength building or going for a long walk, staying active is important in eliminating stress. Sweat it out!
Stick to a Plan: Writing down a daily schedule of things to get done not only keeps you on track, but also eases your mind and ensures nothing is forgotten. Also, it can be helpful to plan meals so that you stick to your pre-wedding diet.
Sleep: Trying to plan through exhaustion will not only be difficult, but can also be less efficient. Make sure you are getting enough sleep each night to allow your mind and body to reboot for the following day.
Water, Water, Water: 8-10 glasses of water a day is a tried-and true-trick not only to keep your body hydrated and energized, but also to ensure you’re not overeating days before the wedding.
Find Your Zen: Yoga may not be for everyone, but there are many ways to relax your mind, find peace and bring your body back to a healthy, happy state.
Treat Yourself: Make sure to enjoy a treat here and there. You’re working hard and deserve a diet cheat as a reward and to make you happy. We recommend any type of chocolate with 70% cocoa or more to ensure it’s not packed with sugar – nobody wants a sugar crash during planning stages!
Delegate: It’s very important you are not taking on too many responsibilities. Delegating tasks to bridesmaids, family or friends is a great way to take weight off of your shoulders.
Spend Time with Your Loved Ones: At times it is vital to step back from the planning and live in the moment. Spend time with your fiance, family or friends and forget about the wedding planning and just have fun!

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