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Often brides choose to match their wedding colours to the various shades of ocean waters when they plan their beach wedding, but when Warrenton, Virginia, residents Catherine Rumberger and Michael Davis got married on April 26, 2014, at the Coco Reef Resort they went in a different direction.

“I had been searching Pinterest for wedding ideas and loved how the bright red would pop against turquoise,” said the bride. “With Bermuda’s gorgeous turquoise water, it was a great natural backdrop that fit with the wedding colours. Just add some red against it and everything pops! My bridesmaids wanted to wear red, so I put them in red and gave the groomsmen red ties. To bring our parents into the colour scheme as well, the women wore turquoise dresses and the men sported turquoise ties.


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Rumberger did the majority of the wedding planning herself and shipped in the table linens, favours and decorations in advance. The couple also hired wedding planner Ginny Masters who helped with the other aspects of the wedding, including the flowers, cupcakes and a stunning canopy draped with deep red fabric and crystal beads.

“The wedding canopy was something I saw on Pinterest,” said Rumberger. “With the turquoise ocean in the background, I thought a bright red would really stand out and be gorgeous. There was no need for it to be over-the-top, either. It was simple and elegant and it looked like it belonged on that beach! Ginny Masters added the detail of the beads in the background which gave it just the right bit of sparkle. The canopy was one of the things that Ginny put together for me, and it turned out wonderfully.”


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The bride chose a stunning, deep red bouquet of gerbera daisies for herself. “I like red roses just fine, but I wanted something a little unique,” she said. Her bridesmaids’ bouquets, however, were a little more original than planned. “As for my bridesmaids’ bouquets—there originally weren’t any! I had neglected to order any. (I honestly couldn’t remember if I’d ever even asked for them!) My maid of honour rushed around before the wedding pulling natural blooms from around the resort (with permission, of course). They were so beautiful, no one realised that they were impromptu bouquets!”

For the reception, the couple chose simple white linens for the tables and accented them with turquoise runners, red napkins and bouquets of red gerbera daisies. Turquoise and red paper lanterns hung from the canopy above the tables outside. “The colours look so vibrant next to each other,” said Rumberger. “With the ocean as a backdrop, I chose turquoise table runners to bring some of that natural Bermuda colour to the table, literally.”


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When asked how she felt about the end result, the bride said she was so happy. “I was really worried that I wouldn’t be able to be as hands-on with a Bermuda wedding as I would have been planning one in the States. As it was, I got to participate a lot in the planning process and Ginny was wonderful at making my dreams come true. It was also much more affordable than I anticipated.


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“Bermuda was the perfect place—great scenery, beautiful weather, wonderful helpful people. The food everywhere was incredible and especially at our reception dinner at Coco Reef. (They say brides don’t remember the dinner—I REMEMBER!).

One thing we did have trouble with was communication—not everyone’s phones worked on the island so it was difficult to get hold of people sometimes. I would have planned better for that, knowing what I know now.”


2014.04.26 Cat & Mike_0548Photography by Sacha Blackburne

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