Written by Annabel Cooper. Photography by Amanda Temple.

Although Risa is from Somerset, St George’s was the setting for the wedding of Risa Hunter Frith to Duncan Frith on a “perfect May day” in 2017. The details of the celebration incorporated not just Bermuda’s traditions and history but also the couple’s own. Most notable throughout the day was #thehuntisover—a play on Risa’s maiden name that was incorporated into all the décor.

“Having both grown up in Bermuda and loving our little island, we wanted to ensure our day felt true to the island’s culture and history, was romantic and whimsical, elegant yet relaxed and very fun,” says Risa. “We have many ties to St. George’s. We both live there, both our families live in the east end and we got engaged at the Christmas Walkabout.”

What could fulfill this desire more than a ceremony at St. Peter’s Church, performed by Bishop Nicholas Dill, followed by a horse and carriage ride? The couple then had photographs at the Unfinished Church before being taken to the historical St. George’s home of Risa’s aunt, Glen Duror. “We loved the idea of keeping to Bermudian tradition and having
the reception on a property,” says Risa.

To help make sure every detail of Risa and Duncan’s wedding day incorporated their theme, they enlisted the help of Selange Gitschner and Matthew Strong of Dasfete. “Selange and Matt did an amazing job in making our vision come to life,” says Risa. “We used a very soft palette for all the décor—whites, blues and greens. The setting was lovely, being by the water surrounded by foliage, and we wanted that to stand out the most. The flowers were assembled to create a cascading, almost ‘wild’ look.”

In addition to the flowers, which were perfectly colour coordinated with the stationery, signs and other imaginative décor, Duncan’s boat was on display, there was candlelight throughout, vintage blue water glasses, hanging fabric draped through the trees and Tony Brannon playing local classics on his guitar.

In keeping with #thehuntisover there were arrows included on all the stationery and Dasfete made a custom target with arrows that had been hand painted, had feathers on and were wrapped with leather. “We knew this would be a fun feature to tie in with the arrows that had been printed on the menus and signs. It illustrates them targeting the love they have for each other; plus, who doesn’t want a custom-made target?” says Selange.

Fun and meaningful comments, facts and quotes were visible everywhere. A sign outside the church read: “Can I get a witness?” Another on the dance floor said: “Trust me you can dance! Sincerely, Your Friend Alcohol.” Behind the band was printed Duncan’s favourite quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald: “I love her, and that’s the beginning and end of everything” and on the back of all the menus were historic facts about St. George’s, Glen Duror, the Frith family and Durnford, the property on which Risa and Duncan live.

To cool the guests down and to add yet another personal touch, Dasfete worked with Rickeisha Burgess of Duch Pops on some custom Popsicle flavours. “We created ‘The Likkles,’ Duncan’s nickname for Risa, which was strawberries, blackberries, fresh lemonade and blooms, and ‘The Dunky,’ which was cool cucumber and lemon,” explains Selange.

“Working with Risa and Duncan was a dream and we loved figuring out how we were going to tell their story on this stunning property.”

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