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Hailing from Gaithersburg, Maryland, Jonathan Kapneck and Ana Gutierrez were married at 6:00 p.m. on May 31, 2014, at Caso’s Point at The Reefs Resort & Club followed by a reception at Coconuts.

“We got engaged in Bermuda on the tarmac of L.F. Wade International Airport when we landed on August 22, 2013,” said Gutierrez. “The second we got off the plane, Jon dropped down on one knee and proposed. We had a most memorable weekend and we thought of Bermuda as the most beautiful place on the planet. We knew we had to get married there and share our paradise with our closest family and friends.”

The couple returned in January 2014 for a wedding-planning trip during which they met with their florist Michelle Greary of Flowers by GiMi. “When we arrived at Flowers by GiMi for our first meeting with Michelle, we let her know our preference for an orchid and a hydrangea. She showed us a beautiful white orchid with a magenta throat and we knew then that that colour was going to be our accent. I had orchids in my hair and in my bouquet, and Jon had an orchid boutonniere which he found a tie to compliment. Needless to say, we chose our flowers first.”


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Who was the florist?

Michelle Geary, whom we absolutely adored, at Flowers by GiMi. We even sent her an invitation to our wedding hoping that she would join us after setting up!


Can you tell us about the first meeting with her?

We came into Flowers by GiMi on a chilly rainy afternoon in mid-January 2014 on our “planning trip” and were greeted by the receptionist. She sat us down, brought us some drinks and told us Michelle would be right with us. Before we had been waiting even a minute, an adorable woman introduced herself as Michelle and we sat down and got to know each other. We were having so much fun with her that we didn’t even realise that 30 minutes had gone by and we hadn’t even discussed our event yet. Once we started speaking about flowers, we really relaxed as Michelle educated us on the various types of arrangements that she could offer—just from our telling her about our preference in flowers. She was brilliant to say the least and we knew we were in the right place. It’s not often that we hear of people getting married in Bermuda being that we are from small-town suburbia, but we would recommend Michelle’s services to our family, all our friends, and wedding planners worldwide—well, we just can’t speak highly enough of her!


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Where did your concept come from?

I wanted to use orchids and hydrangeas, but wasn’t exactly sure how to present these together. Michelle had suggested a few options but recommended a specific choice that proved to be our vision.


What is the proper name for the orchids?

Phalaenopsis orchids


Why did you choose them as your signature flower?

Orchids have always been and still are one of my favourite flowers.


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Do they have a scent?

No, unless you could smell purity.


What other flowers were used in the bouquets, table décor, etc?

Hydrangeas, orchids, lilies, simple foliage and a small central spray of white flowers.


Who created the cake?

Coconuts kitchen at The Reefs Resort and Club


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How happy were you with the end result?

Our wedding planner Kathleen Dodwell was amazing, extremely helpful and supportive of all our ideas to bring our special day to fruition.


What would you do differently?

We put in plenty of time and effort, including a “planning trip” to Bermuda, just to be sure that we exceeded our own expectations. Our day was so perfect, we couldn’t imagine doing a single thing differently!

204.05.31 Ana & John_0561Photography by Sacha Blackburne.


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