blog062Written by Laura Bell, Photography by Gavin Howarth.

Most couples choose a reception site close to the location of the ceremony in order to make the day easier for their guests. But Emily and Tommy didn’t let a little thing like logistics get in the way of their end-to-end wedding day celebrations.


Bermuda-born, Tommy grew up near Emily in the suburbs of Boston where the two met in high school before starting to date in their junior year of college. Tommy’s grandfather founded Pompano Beach Club in 1956, and the hotel is now run by his uncles Tom and Larry Lamb. Visiting the island twice a year, the couple—who got engaged on Long Bay Beach in the Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve in March 2014—knew Bermuda was the place to tie the knot and that Pompano had to be part of the plan. “We started exploring different venues that weekend, and someone recommended we check out the Unfinished Church,” said Emily. “We thought it was one of the coolest, most unique places we had ever seen and knew we wanted to have our ceremony there.”


“That same weekend, we took the scooter out to Dockyard to visit the Pastry Shop and spotted gorgeous Cambridge Beaches on the drive back,” she continued. “It was really perfect.”


With a ceremony in St. George’s and a reception in Somerset, transporting all 165 guests ended up being one of the more memorable parts of the day. The couple rented pink buses for their guests, while the bridal party rode in style in cars from Bermudaful Moments. Buses then transported the guests down to the harbour where they boarded the Lady Tamara. “The boat ride to Cambridge was beautiful—we had plenty of dark ’n stormies and rum swizzle flowing, with delicious appetizers from the Pastry Shop. We hit one rain squall as we approached Cambridge Beaches but it only lasted about five minutes—leaving us a beautiful rainbow!”


The night ended with guests bussed back to Pompano before heading down to the beach to keep the party going. “The only thing we would do differently would be to freeze time so we could have made the weekend last longer,” said Emily. “It was our dream wedding and we were so happy to be able to share Bermuda with our friends and family.”



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