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Wed on April 30, 2016, Shauntea Trott and Austin James share their wedding day beauty regime.

Q&A With The Bride

Who did your hair?

Ehbony at Salon Vintage.

Did you do a trial before the wedding?

She was one of the first people to do my hair EVER, I have seen her work on other people over the years as well. No trial needed. I trusted that she would do a great job.

Describe your wedding hairstyle in three words.

Fun, classy, curls.

How did you decide on your wedding hairstyle?

To be honest, I sat in her chair on the day undecided. It was literally the only thing about the entire wedding that I was unsure of. I knew leading up to the wedding that if I decided on a hair style too far in advance, the likelihood of me changing my mind was very high. Plus with Bermuda’s humidity, the weather was also a huge deciding factor in how I would wear my hair because I wanted it to last. I trusted Ehbony to do a good job and did not want to limit her creativity. She said I was her easiest bride ever!

Did your veil help determine what hairstyle you wanted?

My dress had a lot of beading on it so I decided to go with a simple, classic raw edge cut veil. I tried the veil on my own with a lot of different hair styles, and it was very versatile.


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What was your daily hair routine in preparation for the wedding?

I like to wear my hair dark, so about a week or so before the wedding I dyed it black. I also wore a lot of protective styles with minimal heat and chemicals in the months leading up to the wedding so that my hair would be healthy.

Did the stylist come to you or did you go to the salon?

She came to us. We got dressed at Hamilton Princess Hotel. She arrived early in the morning with her assistant who started curling my bridesmaids’ and my hair in preparation for her to style.

How did you combat Bermuda’s heat and humidity when it came to your bridal hair?

The humidity was a major concern! Thanks to Ehbony, everyone’s hair not only made it through the ceremony and pictures, but the entire night. LOTS of holding spray and my new favourite product – Control Paste by Aveda.


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Who did your makeup?

Donika York – Basic Beauty Studio

Did you do a trial before the wedding?

With Bermuda being so small, word gets out about things quickly – good or bad. A lot of my friends had gotten their makeup done by her and had nothing but good things to say about her work and work ethic! I decided not to do a trial because I already knew that she did great work. Plus, a true artist never paints the exact picture twice.

How did you decide on a particular look?

Leading up to the wedding I saw countless pictures of wedding parties, the ones that had very natural makeup always stood out to me. I have never been a fan of coloured eye shadow or very dramatic makeup. I wanted my bridesmaids to have a very natural look and nude lips because their dresses were already a vibrant colour. I also wanted to have very natural makeup for myself with a touch of colour on the lips to make my makeup stand out!


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What was your skincare regimen like leading up to the wedding? Did you use any special products?

Water, Water and more Water! This may be strange to some, but the only product that I use on my face for the most part is baby lotion. I am a firm believer that your skin has more to do with what you put on the inside, versus the products you use on the outside. No greasy food and hydration always keeps my skin at its best!

How did you combat Bermuda’s heat and humidity when it came to your makeup look?

Luckily the weather wasn’t extremely hot that day. The makeup lasted through pictures, dinner and dancing! I am almost ashamed to say, but I fell asleep in my makeup and woke up the next day STILL flawless!!

Did you wear perfume?

I wore just a tiny bit of vanilla coconut oil – it is my usual scent. I LOVE it!


Q&A With The Groom

Did you get a hair cut before the wedding? How long before?

Yes, two days.

Did you use your usual barber?

We live in the US so I couldn’t get to my usual barber, but the one I went to in Bermuda did me justice.


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What was your skincare regime leading up to the wedding?

I stuck to my usual routine of washing my face with Noxema. I didn’t want to do anything out of the ordinary just in case. I stuck with what I knew would work!

Did you wear cologne?

Eros Eau de Toilette spray – by Versace.


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